Buy land and bulid a house

What do I actually do if I want to build a new house on a Plot of Land?

Many of our customers approach me with the wish to purchase a plot of land and build a house there, either on the remains of a rustico or simply brand new. Many properties are currently also available on favorable terms. You have to differentiate between a classic building plot, which the municipality declares as such, and arable land on which you can build according to certain criteria. The building plot of the community is usually between 400 and 1000 square meters and is located in a new development. Of course, this can also be a great sea view. Still not what our customers are looking for. Most of the time I am asked about properties that are a bit out of town and have a sea view if possible. There is no building land directly by the sea, since there has been a total construction freeze on the first 150m from the sea for years and, moreover, the prices for existing properties have not experienced a drop in price - or at least hardly any. Building does not only include the house, but also the infrastructure, i.e. paths, fencing, water, sewage, electricity and telephone. In principle, building is only possible at Agrarland if you purchase a large property and then realize approx. 1% of the floor space as living space. That in other words: for a house of 100sqm you need one hectare of land. But here too there are certain "niches of the law" that the architect can take advantage of. For a 100sqm house, a plot of 7,000sqm is actually sufficient, since around 30% can be used in addition to the 1% as a "magazzino" (storage room), which can then also become a living space. In addition, you can still roof a 20sqm terrace, which will then be glazed for many people after they have been granted residence permits (not quite legal) and will then be a winter garden.


Keyword "construction supervision"

We recommend that you contact experienced experts who will enable you to build a house even when you are away. We work with architects and construction companies who have experience in this area and can also show you references. It is also possible, for example, that we give a notarial guarantee on some properties that you will receive your building permit there. You only have to pay for the property if this is the case. Unfortunately, this service is currently not available in all of Sicily, but we can guarantee you advice, support and implementation in the area of ​​Cefalu, Collesano, Campofelice, Santa Flavia, Altavilla, Casteldaccia, Bagheria, Palermo, Castellamare and Scopello with a German-speaking accompaniment. This can also include that you give us a power of attorney that we can process applications and documents in your absence, e.g. Sign with the building office, nature conservation office etc. In addition, we "look after" the construction site, be it for renovation or house building. The costs for this are clear and are agreed in advance in writing. When building a house, this can e.g. 1% of the construction sum. For this you have the certainty that there is someone on site who looks after the construction site and translates and forwards all your questions and those of the construction company, the craftsman or the architect.

About the prices: Pure building land with developed plots and sea views can also cost € 100.00 per sqm. In contrast, the sqm of agricultural land in a hillside location with sea views costs e.g. Collesano from € 2.00. But maybe only at least 5ha (50,000sqm) are sold ... So, get competent advice! The infrastructures really cost money on building land!

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