Pursuing your business idea in Sicily

Pursuing your business idea in Sicily

Do you already have your idea how to live and work in Sicily worked out? Then you do not need to read further. But if you are looking for a possible business idea, we can give you some food for thought.

To start, it's difficult to target local and domestic customers for the planning and development of a business. Sicilians are conservative and inherently skeptical about anything new. Moreover, most simply lack the necessary money. Many families find it difficult to come up with disposable income until the end of the month. Further, while there are naturally jobs you could hold down whatever the location, e.g. translator, journalist, etc., there is no need to cover these as they are not unique to Sicily. As a language teacher one may find work, but whether it is enough to live on is very doubtful.

So what are the business sectors in which a middle-class income can be earned in order to support oneself in Sicily? 

  • Tourism - Naturally there are many investment possibilities. From a B&B or a simple room rental in your own home, to establishing yourself as a travel planner for special groups: cooking trips, photo tours, language trips (which we already pursue ourselves), motorcycling, hiking, etc. On our website you can see some examples of already renovated properties for rental on Booking.com   
  • Agriculture - Just like in tourism, there are opportunities in this area where your clientele is the entire world ( Turismo rurale). From producing olive oil to organic fruits and vegetables to the art of making wine, there is a lot that can be done if you have the know-how.(GojiAgriculture)

Possibly you are wondering what the mafia has to say about emigrating and starting a business in Sicily. Here I can reassure you. If you are not planning on opening a funeral home, a cleaning company, a private security company, or building a large hospital, you will not have contact with these 'honorable' men. We ourselves have never had any problem despite many years of being in Sicily, and we even participate in 'Addiopizzo', a civic organization opposed to protection rackets.



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