The famous 1 € houses of Sicily

For a few years now reports about the 1 € houses have appeared in the press.

These properties are not sold by us, they go directly through the Comune because they are city-owned houses. As here in Sambuca, there are a total of 17, which many then fight for, but which are then auctioned off. Often these are ruins almost ready for demolition, in which of course a lot of money still has to be invested. The locations are often in a scenic location and have a nice, romantic cityscape, but are then also many kilometers from the sea and high up. Nevertheless, there are hardly any cheaper ways to buy a house anywhere else. However, many interested parties have told me that they would rather spend a few thousand more, but then want to live near the sea and in a non-extinct village. In addition, with the purchase there is an obligation that you have to restore within a certain period - sometimes. construction companies are even prescribed to you.

In Gratteri or Pollina, where we also offer very reasonably priced properties near the sea, you do not have these restrictions. There are properties from € 0 to € 40,000.00, but you can find balconies and terraces with sea views. Since there are currently many government grants for renovation, the purchase price is relatively important in the end, because only the renovation will be expensive, but you can save up to 60%.

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