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Sicily - It’s much more than just the land where the lemon trees blossom. There is sun and sea, olive groves and vineyards, orange groves and almond trees. In Sicily there are countless artistic treasures left behind by the Phoenicians and Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, the Spanish and French. Art and nature lovers, amateur archaeologists, sun worshipers, water sports enthusiasts and culinarily spoiled - Sicily is endlessly versatile and offers something for everyone.

For thirty years now I have lived here and I feel very comfortable - I can tell I’m at home. Sicily is perhaps not the kind of island one falls in love with right away. There is a lot of light, but certainly also some downsides. When I emigrated to Sicily in 1988, it was for professional and family reasons. My wife had opened an Italian language school for foreigners interested in learning Italian while on vacation. Since she comes from here and owns a villa on the Gulf of Palermo, I did not need much convincing to start a life in Sicily. If I draw up a personal scorecard today, I can say very clearly what I like here and what I like less. Let's start with the positives of this largest island in the Mediterranean: the highest number of sunshine hours in Europe, fantastic landscapes with high mountains, forests, plains, bays, beaches and cliffs with meadows and vineyards, hills and rock massifs, Europe's highest volcano and three seas around it. The wine is first-class as well as the cooking including the desserts. The culture has a 3000-year history and bears signs of influence from almost all the European cultures over this period. It is hospitable to strangers, is without anti-social behavior, and has very good flight connections to Germany. Food costs slightly less than in Germany, and the diet seems to prolong life since in Europe, after all, Italy has the second highest life expectancy.

What I like less well here is the slow public administration with its somewhat generous interpretation of the existing Central European ecological principles, as well as the chaotic traffic in the cities. And if you are waiting to hear the keyword “mafia”, this is more of an intellectual problem than a practical for us. In all these years, and also with our three businesses we have never had any contact in this direction. It may be that if we had founded a construction company that we would have had problems - no idea. Definitely  tourists or newcomers are guaranteed never to have a problem.

In recent years, mainly from the regular guests of our apartments, I’d been asked many times if I could help them to acquire property for sale in Sicily. We’d bought and renovated old houses, and so I had very good contacts and a lot of experience with local sellers as well as contractors, lawyers, and notaries. I wanted to pass on the benefit of these experiences and found that our customers were interested not only in advice on buying real estate in Sicily, but also in my handling the entire buying process, the renovation, and even the temporary rental of the property. Fortunately, the property prices in the last five years have dropped significantly; it is definitely a buyer’s market.

Whether buying property in Sicily is a good investment, there is never a guarantee. For sure, all the properties that we’ve sold to date had ‘character’. No monotonous apartments in high-rise buildings or satellite towns, but rather old-style apartments in fishing villages or villas with sea views. These ‘special’ properties are certainly more valuable than before after a tasteful renovation, but above all, they are the realization of a dream, usually with several extended visits during the year or the final retirement. Since then, so much capital has lost much at the bank or in the stock market, at least this way you can enjoy your savings - and you deserve it!


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