How to find property for sale in Sicily

What is the best strategy for buying Sicily real estate?

Thanks to the Internet, searching for houses for sale in Sicily looks easy. Plenty of sites seem to offer listings for property for sale in Sicily, whether through international or local realtors. Some sites even provide information in English. Unfortunately, all it takes is an inquiry by email to discover that communication in English isn't really possible.

Occasionally you can get some information about the property in Sicily. You can tour the property, but have no way to check what is being said or understand the necessary documents. Without an agent, things get even more complicated and even in a best-case scenario you have invested an incredible amount of time.

Our offer:

While looking for property for sale in Sicily, if you find something not on our site but on a portal, let us know and we will contact the local agency. Of course, whether you purchase Sicily real estate through us or through the broker, you pay the brokerage fee only once. Sicily real estate agencies accept this kind of collaboration because they know just how important it is to have consultants who speak the language. In fact, our advice usually leads to a lower price by the end of negotiations! Our experience with notaries here in Sicily is that when they have buyers who don't speak Italian, they contact us before any purchase agreement is signed because signing an Italian sales contract without knowledge of the Italian language is invalid. Thus we can assist in discussing the details and advising you on the terms of conditions prior to any purchase of Sicily real estate.

On these pages of other agencies you can search for a property and then tell US BEFORE contacting these brokers, so you don't have to pay the commission:

Im Raum Castellamare/Scopello

near Modica

near Marsala

near Trabia

near Fontane Bianche

near Syrakus

near Noto/Syrakus

near Ispica

near Termini/Cefalu

near Cefalu und dann "Cefalu" eingeben

near Cefalu - Campofelice Faro-Immobiliare

near Palermo

near Sciacca

all Sicily -

Your benefits:

Advice and support in your own language
A proven network of architects, engineers, contractors, craftsmen, and notaries
Lower costs


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