Sell your property in Sicily

We see ourselves not only as a contact for the purchase of a property in Sicily, but also for selling your property. If you want to sell your property in use our service, you will have the following advantages:


  • CasainSicilia is the only competent real estate agent, who accompanies prospective buyers from A to Z in German or English language. There are enough Italian portals on which real estate is offered. But most sellers or brokers do not react at all, if interested parties do not send requests in Italian.


  • We already have a large Portfoglio of interested parties who are looking for a property in Sicily, but have not yet found the right property.


  • Of course, you can also try using free portals like Ebay to sell your property. However, you can observe by yourself that there are many real estates offered for months - if not even for years - without any success.


  • We are German native speakers and have been living in Sicily for years, we have experienced the buying process and the restoration of our own properties, we know the problems and the solutions.


  • We live here and we know the market. To successfully sell a property, not only the presentation is crucial, but also the right price. It's not us or you who determine the price, but thereal estate market. We watch its development permanently, and we get the current sales prices from the tax office on a regular basis. Sometimes it is quite bitter to hear that the actual market price is lower than the expected price. In any case, it is our interest to achieve the highest possible selling price for your property!


  • We do not require exclusivity from the sellers, so if you want to hire another local broker, no problem.


  • We will charge our commission only if we have sold the property! Reviewing and photographing the property, estimating the price, describing the property and translating into other languages, visiting with clients and translating, all of this is free.


  • When we sell your property, we charge a percentage (or at least € 3,000.00), which does not exceed 3%. You then have to add 22% VAT to our invoice price.


If you have decided to offer your property via our portal, please send us the address, some informative photos, a short description, your price and the Abitabilità, the right of residence. If you have made changes to the outdoor area in recent years, you should let it be approved by a technician, because nowadays, notaries are (fortunately) not as generous as they were a few years ago.

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