Sicily and the Mafia today

Sicily and the mafia are, unfortunately, still linked in the minds of many. On Wikipedia for example, the name of the Sicilian mafia group “Cosa Nostra” is said to be synonymous with “mafia”.

It is sadly true that the Sicilian mafia is still a part of business and politics and has a hand in official corruption in Sicily. But it has no interest in assaulting tourists. On the contrary, tourists bring the island money. For tourists Sicily is quite safe – you won’t witness any scenes from The Godfather. Most of the major bosses are now in prison.

Of course, The Godfather and other mafia-related films show just one aspect of the mafia: the romantic and the captivating part. But the other, worse part is too boring for novels and films. Namely, the way even today the mafia has paralyzed Sicilian culture when it comes to development and innovation. Although for some years now there has been a growing and very successful resistance.

Here are a few examples:

In any case, someone buying real estate in Sicily doesn’t have to worry. The required notarized purchase agreement ensures that everything is done aboveboard. "Casa in Sicilia" has for many years been affiliated with the Addiopizzo, and neither we nor any of our customers have ever had a problem.


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