Sicily weather

In Sicily weather counts for everything. These are the best times of year to visit depending on the type of trip:

Best times to visit


• Cultural trips: mid-Feb. through Apr. / Oct. and Nov.

• Beach holidays: End of May through mid-July / Sept. to mid-Nov.

• Camping: many campgrounds are open from last week of May till mid-Sept.

• Hike & Bike (along the coasts) March till June / mid-Sept. through November

• Hike & Bike: (Etna and Apennines): mid-April to July / Sept. till mid-Nov.

• High season: mid-July through August

• Almond blossoms: mid-February to mid-March (depending on altitude)

• Gorse flowering: beginning to end of May (depending on altitude)

• Citrus harvest: Jan. through Feb. (lemons also later)


What is the weather in Sicily like? The 1000-km long coastline has bragging rights to the highest number of hours of sunshine in all of Europe. It has a relatively mild Mediterranean climate with only slightly more rainfall on the north coast. Temperatures in the island's interior, however, are less forgiving with hot summers and cold winters. The Sicilian Apennines and Etna have a mountain climate with wide temperature fluctuations and snow during the winter months.

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