The Pollina experiment

The Pollina Experiment

Wikipedia says the  following  about the tiny mountain village east of Cefalu - in other words, nothing!

The village, which cannot even boast a thousand residents in wintertime, is suffering from a decline in population. The reasons why are obvious: nowhere to work, nowhere to go in one's free time, and very modest living spaces. Despite this, the village currently governed by social democrats can tout the fact it is clean, orderly, free of debt, and without crime. But what's really special about Pollina is the view. Etna, the Aeolian islands - indeed, half the island can be seen. The head of the building committee, whom I know personally, was enthusiastic about the idea of bringing foreign investment into the village. Buildings are dirt cheap, but unfortunately still belong to private individuals - and thus cannot be gotten for 1 euro, but likewise aren't in ruinous disrepair like in Salemi and Gangi. Above all, Pollina is almost on the sea because a part of the town, Finale di Pollina, lies directly on the water. A well-maintained road leads there with perhaps a 15-minute ride, nothing more. The beach there is very nice with parking and small bars on the water. Together with the city administration, I have developed a concept which they have agreed to support, processing requests for renovation in a short time with little bureaucracy. Of course, an application for building renovation must still be submitted, subject to approval by the historical preservation office as the entire village is under historical preservation. If you have ever thought about buying a rustic cottage in a great location for very little money, contact me! It's important to note that houses in Pollina are vertical rather than horizontal. In other words: climbing stairs is a fact of life. Also driving in your car directly in front of your house usually does not happen.


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